Stock and Custom Plastic Packaging

Standard Colors

Alpha Packaging offers a variety of standard colors in both our PET and HDPE packaging. Bottles and jars in standard colors are available with no minimum orders, and with no color purge charge.

PET Standard Colors

PET Standard Color JarsAlpha Packaging offers six standard colors for our single-stage polyethylene terephthalate packaging*: light amber, dark amber, clear, cobalt blue, dark green and white. When stock PET bottles are in-stock in our standard colors, customers may order a single case of standard color products without being subject to a color purge charge, but some standard colors carry an additional color charge.* However, not every PET bottle and jar is stocked in every standard color, so ask your Alpha Sales or Customer Service Representative for details. For PET items and colors that are not currently in-stock, a 10,000-piece minimum order and $250 color purge charge may apply.

*White PET bottles and jars carry a 5% upcharge over the current Alpha price list; cobalt blue and dark green bottles and jars carry a 10% upcharge.

HDPE Standard Colors

Standard HDPE ColorsWe also offer two standard colors for high-density polyethylene packaging: natural and white. Alpha will sell a single case of white or natural HDPE bottles, jars and canisters if the items are in-stock and available on the floor. However if the item is not in-stock, customers may be required to place a 25,000-piece minimum order for items made at Alpha Michigan and a 10,000-piece minimum order for items made at any of our other four plants.

Additional Color Charges

Please note: All custom colors for single-stage PET and HDPE packaging carry a 10% upcharge over Alpha's current price list. Custom colors or special additives or resins (including post-consumer resins) require a minimum order of 10,000 pieces. For orders greater than 10,000 pieces but less than 25,000 pieces, customers will be charged a $500.00 purge charge per color or additive. For orders between 25,000 and 50,000 pieces, a $350.00 color purge charge will apply. For orders of 50,000 or more pieces in a custom color or special resin, Alpha will waive the purge charge. Please see our General Policies for complete details.

* For 2-stage PET, our standard color is clear. Colored 2-stage PET bottles require a minimum of 50,000 pieces; some 2-stage PET molds may have even higher minimums depending on bottle size.