Stock and Custom Plastic Packaging

Custom Colors Differentiate Your Brand

Custom ColorsAlpha Packaging has mastered the art of PET color matching. For both single-stage and 2-stage PET, Alpha has a reputation for making even the most difficult pigments meet your expectations from run to run. Working with a color swatch or existing packaging, Alpha can match colors in transparent, translucent, opaque or metallic PET. Looking for frosted or pearlescent colors? Can do. For the ultimate in attention-getting, we even create high-impact fluorescents!

The colors are limitless, and minimum orders are low. How low? For single-stage PET*, we can run 10,000-piece custom-colored bottles with a $500 purge charge, or 25,000 bottles with a $350 purge charge. (50,000-piece custom-color orders carry NO purge charge!) With those reasonable minimums, you can confidently add your own signature to stock PET packaging – cost-effectively building brand equity across product lines and bottle shapes.

To create truly unparalleled package, combine custom colors with a custom mold from our in-house design team.

How we do it

To achieve consistent color from batch to batch, Alpha uses only the finest pigments from proven manufacturers. These high-quality pigments promise extended shelf life, so your carefully-chosen color stays true – from the retail shelf to the bathroom shelf.

Although Alpha creates custom colors at no charge, custom colors may require minimum order quantities and purge charges as outlined above. For more details, refer to our general policies or speak with your Alpha sales representative.

If you only need a small quantity of PET bottles or jars, Alpha’s six standard colors for PET are available with no minimums.

* For 2-stage PET, our standard color is clear. Colored 2-stage PET bottles require a minimum of 50,000 pieces; some 2-stage PET molds may have even higher minimums depending on bottle size.