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Sales & Customer Service

If you are an existing Alpha customer and you would like to obtain price information, place a Purchase Order or inquire about an existing order, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance. You can reach any of our Customer Service Representatives at our St. Louis Customer Service Department at 800-421-4772 or 314-427-4300; phone extensions and email addresses are listed below. All Purchase Orders must be placed in writing via fax or email.

If you are a new customer, or if you would like to discuss a new project with your Alpha Sales Representative, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the names and contact information of our Regional Sales Representatives.

Alpha Packaging Customer Service Department

Most of the Alpha Packaging Customer Service Team is located in our St. Louis headquarters location. Our St. Louis CS Department can be reached at: Phone: 800-421-4772 (in USA) or 314-427-4300; Fax: 314-427-5445

We also have two Customer Service Representatives in our Vancouver location who can be reached at 604-538-4088.

Customer Service Email Address Phone Number
St. Louis Customer Service Team
Jody Sneed, Director of Customer Care 800-471-4772, ext.171
Peggy Guile, CS Lead 800-471-4772, ext.119
Janette Schoene, CS Lead 800-421-4772, ext.193
Lance Atley 800-471-4772, ext.106
Dee Bartosch 800-471-4772, ext.195
Yvette Brown 800-471-4772, ext.127
Debbie Farmer 800-471-4772, ext.179
Megan Gilot 800-471-4772, ext.118
Erica Johnson 800-471-4772, ext.175
Ashley Plummer 800-471-4772, ext.142
Olympia Reed 800-421-4772, ext.137
Shonda Richardson 800-421-4772, ext.217
Jenny Trim 800-421-4772
Diane Ulrich 800-421-4772, ext.111
Vancouver Customer Service Team
Caron Zahnt, Customer Service Lead (Vancouver) 604-538-4088, ext. 101
Marilia Botelho (Vancouver) 604-538-4088

Alpha Packaging and Sales Representatives

Distributor Sales Manager — Pacific Northwest, Western Canada & Mountain States

Allan Roby
T. 925-240-8550
F. 925-240-8552

Distributor Sales Manager — Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah

Petra Miller
T. 310-200-4282
F. 314-427-5445

Distributor Sales Manager — Mideast, Midwest and Texas

Maria Dimitriou
T. 815-353-7766
F. 314-427-5445

Distributor Sales Manager — Northeast

Gabe Hickey
T. 516-554-5806
F. 314-427-5445

Distributor Sales Manager — Southeast

Roger Allen
T. 216-767-3156
F. 314-427-5445

Executive Vice President of Sales — Distribution

Jack Baily
T. 847-602-4554
F. 314-427-5445

Vice President of Strategic Accounts

Paul Bonastia
T. 314-575-4472
F. 314-427-5445

Inside Sales Representative

Tim Yancey
T. 800-421-4772 or 314-427-4300, ext. 124
F. 314-427-5445

Director, New Business Development

Adam Schafer
T. 952-500-1995
F. 314-427-5445

Business Development

T.J. Smith
T. 800-421-4772 or 314-427-4300, ext. 180
F. 314-427-5445

Inside Sales Representative — Distribution

Charlie Hubbs
T. 314-427-4300 x 107

Senior Account Manager

Greg Ferencik
T. 800-252-0053, ext. 205
F. 216-252-6327

Northeast Business Development Manager

Matt Skarbek
T. 610-451-7769
F. 314-427-5445

Sales Manager – Personal Care

Kathleen Gogola
T. 484-934-8234
F. 314-427-5445

Sales Representative, Southeast

Blair Dunn
T. 800-421-4772 or 314-427-4300, ext. 180
F. 314-427-5445

Director of Business Development

Corby Mathisen
T. 800-252-0053, ext. 259
F. 216-252-6327

Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Adam Doane
T. 330-224-7323
F. 216-252-6327